You know, just regular girl

First, no. There's no such a thing as a "regular" girl. Think about it. Yes, we may share basic human similarities and interests but in today's world there is no regular. We all have our unique traits and ideas that make us who we are. Think for a moment about the person who you think you share most similarities with (physical or not). Now think about the things they do that you would never... You see? While that is the regular for them, it is also the never for you.

I'm Glorivel, not a regular girl. Just me. I am 31 soon to be 32 but I think the word girl still applies. Specially with my physical, petite complexion. Because of issues with the name, I ended up settling for Glorie on this blog. I look much younger which I now came to appreciate unlike when I was in my early 20's and looked like a teenager. I disliked people making fun of me because I looked so young and a little under 5 feet. Now its actually a compliment. I am also a licensed social worker and the mother of a toddler boy.

I have been fantasizing about making this blog for a long time mostly because I like to talk.. I can talk for days.. However, I understand that not everyday someone will be on the mood to talk to me. By the way, I have problems with distinguishing "in" from "on", as simple as this may be for you, for me, those two just sound the same and relevant in any sentence; interchangeable. Calm down! I know they're not but just as some people have trouble with their and they're or with then and than, my trouble is in and on. Embarrassing. Just thought to clarify this now in (on?) my first post just in case I actually amount to some readers and they stumble with this problem.

So here my journey starts and I hope it lived long enough for my son to get to know me from a different perspective when he is old enough to read.

Be kind,


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